Helping busy people transform stress to feel great and perform better.

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Stress School DIY is perfect for the student that likes to learn on their own and at their own pace.

It contains all the knowledge and practices you need to become a Stress Whisperer.

“You cannot thrive if all you are trying to do is survive”

How do we get from Stressed Out to Stress Whisperer?

Stress School guides you down a systematic, step by step path of Destressing, Restoring and Evolving your life and mindbody to create a whole new you.

Following Stress Guides, you will remove stressor after stressor from your life, healing your nervous system and creating more room to take care of what’s most important in your life (hint hint, this starts with taking care of you).

Participating in classes like Self NeuroMuscular Therapy will start bringing in much needed energy-in to your body and restoring balance to your nervous system and health.

Expanding your awareness of self by taking deep guided dives into your Somatic Intelligence, you will discover the obvious and invisible triggers that stress you from the inside out and learn to defuse and evolve past them.

As stressors in your life lessen, energy-in grows and your inner world becomes more peaceful and supportive... pain, tension, anxiety and countless other problems will melt away and your authentic self will emerge. Its pretty fucking cool.

Stress School DIY Includes

Knowledge Bombs

Stress School is not a monkey see monkey do system. It's a blow monkey’s mind with crazy useful and transformational knowledge so that monkey becomes a genius Stress Whisperer system. Put another way, knowledge is power. Knowledge Bombs are where you learn how you work and how to engage with the neurophysiology of your body for healing and optimal performance.

Inward Diving

Somatic intelligence is Karden’s secret ingredient... Stress School’s special sauce. SI is the art and science of learning how to rewire your brain and body. It integrates time tested self awareness practices with cutting edge neuroplasticity principles to transform maladaptive beliefs, coping mechanisms and behaviors so that you life is no longer governed by the triggers, stressors and compulsive reactions.

Self Neuromuscular Release*

This is Karden’s signature approach to doing bodywork on oneself and is a key component of Stress School’s effectiveness. You are a mind and a body, in fact, you are a mindbody (there is no separation) and directly soothing and releasing your muscles and your nervous system with foam rollers and other therapy tools takes stress management to a whole new level. Not to mention it feels fucking awesome.

*purchase of therapy tools is required
** don’t worry, you can purchase them from me here”
*** or you can give your money to Jeff Bezos (Amazon) here

Stress Guides

Stress Guides are step by step guides in how to implement various aspects of the Stress School program. They include instructions for internal stress management techniques, external stress detoxes, life hacks and tips and tricks to make you less stressed from the inside out and the outside in.

Membership Only Special Offers

Perks yo! Members get first dibs and discounts on, well, everything. New products, special trainings, offers from partners, merch and live events.

Why You Should Join Stress School

It costs less than a massage a month

The money that you spend on your well being are precious dollars and should not be wasted. Now, don’t get me wrong, massages are fantastic (As is chiropractic, and acupuncture and every other for of self-care), but there effectiveness is short lived and depends on someone else. For the cost of a massage a month, you will have access to the knowledge, practices and supportive community you need to transform and sustain your wellbeing.

Time is on your side

At Stress School, a little goes a long way. Our approach is about getting maximum benefits with the least amount of inputs. Brief practices can have a big impact. I mean, the last thing we would want is for joining Stress School to be Stressful! Whether you are tuning in live or watching the lessons at 3am, you get to incorporate it into your life the way it works for you.

This shit works. 

The moment you try a Self Neuromuscular Release class or a brief Somatic Intelligence practice, you’ll be like, whoa, that was awesome. You’ll stay committed to Stress School not because I say you should, but because you are going to want to keep feeling so good!

Put Me To The Test Guarantee

Ever since I began practicing, I have told clients that we will see noticeable, meaningful and positive results with a few sessions… and if we don’t we’re barking up the wrong tree and they should stop working with me.

Solutions and problems are like a key and a lock. When you use the key that fits the lock, its turns easily and opens. If you use the wrong key, you can try over again and get nowhere, or worse yet, break the key in the lock and get stuck.

In the same way, the right cure to your symptoms should fit well and begin to move those symptoms in a positive direction.

Life is too short to waste time trying things that don’t show progress quickly and so I am committed to all of my clients experiencing that progress as soon as possible.

That's why Stress School includes a 33 day 100% money back guarantee if you do not find it effective.

That's right, you get to try Stress School for a whole month and if it doesn’t get that lock to turn, you can cancel your membership and get all your money back.

I look forward to you putting this work to the test!

“Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Kristen, Actress

"I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Karden. He has helped me tremendously with dealing with chronic body pain. The relief was immediate. Karden uses an approach of multi-modalities, extensive knowledge/training/experience, innate wisdom and true intuition. After over 20yrs of having bodywork done, I can undoubtedly say this is the most progressive experience I have had. Thank you."